Meet our new blogger!

Hello! My name is Alexcia Brown, I am 14 years old. I am someone who seeks for success, driven to excellence and self determination. My ambition in life is to become a successful doctor and to help people with the highest of my capability. On my free time I like to volunteer, hang out with friends and SAVE! I am very eager to be running STAR’s financial blog!

I have been with STAR for seven years now! I started my account back in 2009, at the age of seven. Later in 2012, I teller-of-the-dayjoined the first marketing committee. My position was as PR Manager (Public Relations). My job description was to educate the community about what STAR is all about and what STAR brings. Marketing Committee helped me gain many skills and knowledge about STAR. My favorite thing about STAR is that you learn so many things that will be beneficial for you future that you can’t learn anywhere else. Another thing I love is that STAR is the only Credit Union in the world that has a 5% interest rate, helping members gain wealth faster! You can’t find anything like STAR.lexi

My goal for this blog is for people to read it frequently; to learn ways to manage money with financial tips. I will blog at least two times and a month, make sure you check them out! Here is a financial tip that may help you in your future: think ahead for things you might need or large expenses you might need to pay for such as college, loans, a car or even a house. If you start saving at a young age it will help you a lot in your future, just make sure you keep your saving money away from your spending money!