Be a smart consumer

Image result for shoppingWho doesn’t like buying new clothes? Especially designer brands or even things you want?! You just have to be a smart consumer and spend your money wisely. When buying items you should look for sales, research items to see if it’s really worth spending your money on, and try shopping at second hand stores. Did you know companies target teenagers in their advertisements?


Black Friday is coming up! Check out your favorite stores for sales. When going shopping make a budget plan so you don’t overspend. RememberImage result for 0% off when buying something, think about how many times you would use that item. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” or “Will I use this a lot?” and “Do I just want this because it’s on sale?” Remember, if you buy something you don’t need it’s not a good deal!


If you like designer clothing try shopping at second hand stores! There’s second hand stores, such as Platos Closest, that only sell designer clothing for cheap. Why go buy a shirt that cost $40 at the store when you can get the same shirt in perfect condition for only $25? You can save so much money from shopping at 2nd  hand stores! 


Image result for clothes saleCompanies use advertisement to lure teens into buying their products. There are advertisements everywhere! Teens are mostly targeted because teens always want the newest clothing, electronics, and any other big products. Acceptance is a challenge teenagers face and advertisers use that against them!  Be careful for those advertisers: don’t let them lure you in. Research the product first so you know what you are getting yourself into.


Shopping might actually be more complicated then you thought it was. Stay tuned for my next blog talking more about sales!