Image result for goalsEveryone should have goals. Goals lead you to success and help you get to the place or get the things that you want. Goals can vary on tons of topics such as: financial, occupation, personal, academic, and more. Goals are trying to achieve something that you desire, after you create a goal you continually want to make new ones. Without goals you would be the same person, do the same things and have the same things. How boring, right?  Goals teach you things like perseverance, motivation, and self improvement . Goal setting is where its at!


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When creating a goal you want to have a well thought out plan to actually achieve it. SMART goals is an awesome acronym to help you create goals.  The acronym means S-specific M-measurable A-attainable R-realistic T-time based. You can have different time oriented goals like long-term goals, short- term goals and medium-term goals. An example of a good written goal using they acronym is ” I’m going to save 30 dollars by the third of August to deposit in my account”. A bad example is ” I’m going to put money into my account”. Smart goals help you actually achieve your goals that you desire.


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Make goals on things your passionate about, to help you get places, and for things that may need or want. Goals get you places and drive you towards a purpose. As John Chow said, “Everyone has dreams and goal. The only difference between a goal and a dream is a goal is a dream with action.” You guys are now experts on how to create goals. What are some goals you are going to set for this school year?

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