Meet your newest blogger!

Hi! My name is Wendolee Miranda as you may have noticed I am the newest blogger for STAR’s financial blog. I would like to start out by saying something’s about myself. I am 14 years old, in this upcoming September I will be turning 15 – YAY!! I like to do many things in my free time as well as in in my day to day life. I am an adventurer, as well as a craft hobbyist and sporty type of person. I love to ski and when I have some spare time I make arts and crafts, such as friendship bracelets for my friends or to make a profit. One day I aspire to be either an immigration attorney or a surgeon. I know that these two careers are very different from each other, but its because I want to help people out in any possible way and that might mean helping them with advice or medical attention.

I have been a part of the STAR Credit Union since 2010 at the age of 8. I am currently a member of the credit union (I will tell you more about what it means to be a “member” in another post!).

I was also a part of the first marketing committee at STAR. I was the Resource Manager which meant that I had to organize and come up with the resources that we needed in an efficient way to plan and do our projects. When I was a member of the marketing committee I gain more knowledge on what was put into a non-profit credit union as well as what it was. I really loved the STAR credit Union because it was a place where you could come and have fun, but at the same time save money that you might need for your future. Also it had a 5% interest rate that no other bank or credit union have.



I would like to see in this blog any comments or concerns and tips that you have – ask me questions!

I want to help people out: Once you set up an account you should put in place a system of how you want to deposit you money so that you are not withdrawing all the time. This tip has helped me in the long run. You might have of your own advice, please share it! I will blog at least 2 times a week and try to tackle as many topics as I can. As well I would like to see more subscribers/readers, share this with your friends!